Heather Willems
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"I was beyond impressed by Heather's ability to take the complexities in my head and distill them down to the most critical and relatable elements that embody our brand. Not only did we draw out our core values into a phrases that tell a relatable story, also TRANSFORMED our purpose statement from business jargon into a POWERFUL phrase that connects on a human level. I walked away with enhanced clarity and inspiration that allows me to focus on growth."

/  bradley callow, ceo rich legacy  /


"I am very seldom astonished by anything, but Heather really, actually made me stand flabbergasted"

/  Aape Pohjavirta, Chief evangelist and founder of funzi  /


"We live in a visual world and our brains are engaged more by storytelling then by bullets on a page. Visuals are processed faster and remembered more than words and through the visuals Heather was able to capture from the teams conversations our workshop came ALIVE setting the stage for conversations and creativity across all participants. Discussing her visuals with others who were not in the room illustrated the entire workshop concepts in a simple to convey message that sparked a response from one who said, "I feel like I was in the room with you!"

/  Jeff Mitchel, Agilist  /