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Keynote Speaking Engagements 

Visual Storytelling transforms teams, replacing indifference with excitement, accountability, and lasting action. But few can speak firsthand to its incredible power.

Heather Willems can and will. As seen on the Today Show, at The Atlantic, SXSW, and in Forbes, INC., and Entrepreneur, Heather Willems would be delighted to deliver a keynote to your retreat, conference, or leadership. Help your team see the world in a whole new way.

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Leadership Coaching

Leaders, listen up! What’s your story? Do your mission and vision make your audience want to hear more?

In Visual Coaching, Heather Willems works with you one-on-one to create a story that sticks. We’ll deepen your themes, harvesting resonant visual metaphors--and then bringing them to life. You’ll finish with a story that’s easy to relate to, beautiful to look at, compelling to share...and impossible to ignore.

Visual Strategy Sessions

It isn’t always easy to show your teams how they’re part of the big picture. With Visual Strategy, you can. We huddle with the C-suite (from CIOs to entrepreneurs), visually mapping out your goals, then generating images that will help you harness clarity, activate support -- and reach the next level of success

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Visual Storytelling Workshops

Drawing is a powerful tool. Our Visual Workshop teaches leadership as you’ve never seen it. You and your team will learn how to clarify goals, create ownership, stimulate record participation, and solve any problem, using just a marker and a flip chart. Bonus: a visual library you’ll use for years to come.